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We are authorised reseller Tabita Skin Care Products in Malaysia. Tabita Skin Care is a beauty product that can treat your skin become white and shining, the following are some of Tabita Skin Care products:
Facial Soap works to cleanse your skin of impurities attached. Facial Soap contains extracts of papaya, so you will feel your skin brighter over time. If stored in a cold temperature, facial soap it will there are many fibers, look like pieces of papaya or clumps. This is caused by a natural soap made with. In the event of clumping like this, you can soak it in soapy water-filled glass of hot or warm a few minutes, then the soap will re-melting.

Smooth Lotion continued to function as a cleanser for your skin. After the impurities contained in the surface of your skin is lifted by a facial soap, lotion smooth clean dirt that has settled for so long on the surface of your skin, but because it has been settled for so long, it becomes difficult for dirt removed. By using a smooth lotion, dirt can be lifted, so that your skin will look brighter. In addition, if you are acne prone skin, smooth lotion also helps dry up acne on your skin.

Daily serves as a sunblock cream SPF 30 that can keep your skin from the sun that can damage your skin. Besides daily cream also serves to counteract the free radicals that can damage your skin. As you well know, the sting of UV rays, free radicals can cause pigmentation of the skin ( spots and uneven skin tone) and the color becomes dull.

Nightly CREAM
Nightly cream is the most important step in skincare treatments with Tabitha. Nightly cream contains extracts of papaya, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E as well as benzoyl. Vitamin A is very powerful to help dry skin and acne skin conditions stabilize. Vitamin C brightens the skin can make da white blush. Vitamin E can soften the skin and rejuvenate the skin. Benzoyl is content that is environmentally friendly and can dry out the pimples get to the deepest layer of skin, improve the structure of the skin, stabilize the fatty tissue that causes acne, making acne reluctant to appear again

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